Once Blue Collar Bar, Blue Moon Helps Launch Drag Queens to Stardom

Published by Point Park News Service February 27, 2017

First Place Winner: Keystone Student Media Award in Features Writing 2017

Cindy Crotchford started her performance coyly, sitting on the bar with her legs crossed, in a modest green gown. By the end, her dress and wig were on the floor, and the performer now stood, over six feet tall and hefty, even for her height, in a black corset and panties, upending a Pabst Blue Ribbon tallboy over herself in a wretched shower of suds and sweat.

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Buckled in the Bible Belt: Gay students at religious organizations are faced with a choice. Convert to heterosexuality, or face the consequences

Published by PointClickPGH April 28, 2017

It was in the spring of 2012, in a first-floor office of a red-brick academic building that Samuel Cline sat alone, forcing himself through a series of embarrassing therapy appointments designed by university faculty to convert him away from homosexuality to heterosexuality.

Just a short walk away, in a matching dormitory, Noah Fisher, who was secretly working as a shot boy at a local gay club, was presenting himself as a straight man at school in order to avoid expulsion.

And in the girl’s dorm, Tori Dagg was only beginning to realize that she would have to leave her school and her friends behind forever if she was going to be able to live her life honestly as a gay woman.

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Accidental Inspiration: The Priory Hotel

Published by PointClickPGH April 04, 2017

In 1984, Mary Ann Graf made a wrong turn that changed the face of Pittsburgh’s Deutschtown neighborhood forever.

Graf, a resident of Ben Avon, PA, was driving through the North Side neighborhood when she stumbled across an abandoned church on Pressley Street. She fell in love with the building and was inspired to start on the journey that would lead to her becoming the owner and founder of The Priory Hotel in Pittsburgh’s struggling North Side.

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Pittsburgh LGBT Community Unites Under New Administration

Published by Point Park News Service February 06, 2017

There are plenty of chairs in the one-room apartment, but Heidi Simpson prefers to sit on the bed.

Simpson, a 32-year old English teacher has lived in the Mount Oliver apartment for many years, and has crafted the former corner store into a representation of herself. With a quick look around her apartment, it is possible to get to know who she is with surprising accuracy.

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Gentrification can both threaten and help local artists

Published by Point Park News Service September 19, 2016

Seth Clark sits in a beat-up, repurposed armchair, one of a mismatched set arranged around a makeshift meeting table.  He leans back and puts his feet on the table, the very image of relaxation.  And he should be comfortable.  He’s in his kingdom.

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Point Park unveils new Center for Media Innovation

Published by Point Park News Service September 16, 2016

If anyone can be optimistic about the future of the journalism and media industries, it is the students at Point Park University.

On Tuesday, the University held its grand opening of the new Center for Media Innovation. The center boasts an impressive array of media facilities for student use, including television and radio studios and a photography studio, as well as classroom and gallery space.

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‘Production 3’ student films to wrap up production

Published by Point Park Globe June 29, 2016

The two rooms are next door to each other, but they come from different worlds.

The first, a girl’s bedroom.  Floral print dresses and neon tops hang in the closet opposite the purple-sheeted bed.  Candles and books are organized neatly on a small but elegant wooden desk.  Personal photographs hang on the wall next to the small window.

The second, not even a ten-second walk away, a raving nightclub.  Lit only by black lights and frenetically spinning lasers, a neon-painted skull scowls down at the room.  Next to the skull, brightly painted hand prints cover the wall, glowing in the eerie blue light.  A young woman with a glowing yellow necklace preens and poses in front of an imaginary lover.

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Adjunct faculty union begins negotiations with administration

Published by Point Park Globe June 29, 2016

On Nov. 7, official negotiations will begin between Point Park University administration and the newly unionized adjunct professors.  How long these negotiations will last depends mainly on how far apart the two groups’ positions turn out to be.

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