PLAYLIST: Better Late Than Never – 2018 Edition

As 2019 comes to an end, I will be publishing a list of my top 101 tracks of the year. I did the same at the end of last year (you can view my 101 Top Tracks: 2018 playlist here). But before we all dive into the 2019 list, I though I would take a quick look back at 2018, and the songs that I’ve come to love and appreciate over the course of the last twelve months that didn’t make that initial list. This list, then, is 21 songs that I didn’t include in my top 101 tracks of 2018 list, but in hindsight I would. This playlist is available to stream on Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube, as are all of my playlists. Click the links below to listen now.

Some quick notes about this list:

I got very into pcmusic and their style of futuristic hyperpop in 2019, so there is a lot of that in this playlist. I was starting to get into it at the end of 2018 (‘Super Duper Nova‘ by LIZ is probably the most direct example of it on the original list), but there is a lot more of it here. The songs by EASYFUN, Yung Titties, umru, Slayyyter and SOPHIE all come from that new obsession.

I included Crush’ by Allan Rayman, ‘The Prawn Song’ by Superorganism, ‘Annihilation Song’ by Rubblebucket and ‘Between the Lines’ by Robyn on this list, even though other songs from their respective albums were included on the original list. I still love ‘Peach‘, ‘Everybody Wants to be Famous‘, ‘Fruity‘ and ‘Because It’s in the Music‘ a lot, but over the course of the year, I’ve come to prefer these other offerings.

The rest are songs that I either almost included in the list but didn’t (Beth Orton’s cover of ‘I Never Asked to Be Your Mountain’) or that I discovered later (Theia’s ‘Bye Bye’).

Not including Christine and the Queens and Joji on the original list are mistakes I will regret for the rest of my life.

Anyway, enjoy the music, and I will see you soon with my 101 Top Tracks of 2019.

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER: 2018 Edition Tracklist:

  1. Crush – Allan Rayman
  2. Sometimes People Suck – Ashe
  3. I Never Asked to Be Your Mountain – Beth Orton and The Chemical Brothers
  4. Girlfriend – Christine and the Queens feat. Dâm-Funk
  5. Be Your USA – EASYFUN feat. Iiris
  6. Started Out – Georgia
  7. Anxious – Holy Ghost!
  8. Real Love – Jax Anderson
  9. Void – Kilo Kish
  10. After the Load is Blown – Louis Cole
  11. Tsunami (BAZOKA Remix) – Yung Titties feat. COBRAH
  12. Bad Ones – Matthew Dear feat. Tegan & Sara
  13. Sticky – umru and Ravenna Golden
  14. Between the Lines – Robyn
  15. Annihilation Song – Rubblebucket
  16. Alone – Slayyyter
  17. Immaterial – SOPHIE
  18. The Prawn Song – Superorganism
  19. Ordinary Pleasure – Toro y Moi
  20. Bye Bye – Theia

101 Top Tracks 2018 can be found here, with my thoughts on each song.

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