This Blog Is a Mess

This won’t change that, but it’ll be a new kind of mess, and I’m fine with that.

Alright, here’s the thing.

The original intention of this website was to function as an online resumé and portfolio, both as a central reference point for myself and (I thought) as something I could quickly and easily send to potential employers as I was completing my undergrad degree a few years back. I have maintained the site in the years since, despite not really using it for either of those purposes, since somewhere in the back of my mind, I keep thinking things like “well, someday I’ll need it, someday I’ll use it for that.”

Until now, I have mainly used this blog to publish my professional work when possible, or to publish blog posts about and around my media work. Quite frankly, as time has gone on, that mostly came to mean that I never posted. Like, ever. (Please don’t go back and check. You’ll be in posts from 2014 in under a minute and they’re embarrassing). Realistically, I am not creating enough professional content on a day-to-day basis to sustain a full, active blog about it.

Basically, this isn’t working for me anymore.

I am beginning to look at this site differently now. Not that I have stopped thinking about my somedays, but that I am also starting to think about how to use this site now. I don’t want it to just be something I keep in my back pocket for those rare transitional moments when I need it, but to use it in an ongoing sense as both a professional space when appropriate, and as a space to have some fun, write out my thoughts and ideas that are too long for a tweet, and engage with the people in my life who are invested enough to read it all. So I’m going to widen the scope of this blog and write about basically whatever the hell I want to.

Media work is a huge part of what I do day-to-day, so there will still be some of that, but I also want to discuss my political ideas, thoughts about new entertainment I’ve been consuming or just life updates for my close friends / literally any person on the internet.

I don’t know what I want to say exactly.

This will probably mean that you’ll see a lot of links to playlists I’ve made, new albums or films I’ve encountered and loved or streams of consciousness posts like this one you’re enduring right now. Maybe some photos every once in a while. I’ll definitely talk a lot about my cat.

At this point, you’re probably wondering if I have any kind of actual plan at all. No. No I do not. I don’t have a fully fleshed out idea of what I want to post about, or how often. But that’s sort of the point of a personal blog, in my mind. To be personal. To reflect my personal moment every time I write and just see what happens.

I don’t expect anyone to read what I post, but if you do, I’m always excited to hear anyone’s thoughts. It’s probably going to be a mess, but we’ll see.

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